The Pomeranian dogs is adaptable, devoted cute small dogs.
They always love to please their owner and will require lots of your attention.



OCCUPATION: Companion, Performance sport
HEIGHT:  18-30 cm
WEIGHT: 1-3 kg
COLOR(S): all colors
LONGEVITY: 14 to 16 years
EXERCISE:  Moderate
GROOMING:  Moderate
TRAINING: Challenge to housetrain


The Pomeranian is a sled dogs originated developed in the iceland and lapland.  They were bred to used as a companion dog, and to herd sheep. They got their name from the region of Pomerania, in the area of Germany and Poland.

The original size were much more larger than the size now. After these breed was introduced to england, and was developed by the Queen Victoria in the 1888, they have been breed to a smaller size, and makes these breeds very popular in England.

These breeds of dogs was registered by the AKC in 1888.


Pomeranian today is a small and sturdy little dog. The Pom has a double coat, with a long and straight outer coat, soft and dense undercoat. Show dogs have a lovely coat makes their dogs like a cute powder puff.

The coat colors comes with red, cream, orange, black, brown, brindle, and parti-colors.


The Pomeranian obedience training is easily can trained. Howerver the housetraining can be challenge, but with a close supervision, praise and patience, it can be accomplished. They is a natural watchdog, and also known to bark recreationally, so should train to control their barking or they will do so incessantly.

Training should start from a puppyhood to keep the breed bright mind active and learning.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


The Pomeranian grooming need to be brush with a soft bristle brush or comb with curry bomb, two to three times weekly to prevent matting. The undercoat is shed once ot twice a year. Bathe or dry shampoo when is necessary. Always clean the eyes and ears to keep it clean.

They are prone to tooth loss, always clean their tooth and takes the dog for regular dental check up. These dog breeds is a constant shedder.


Pom are a happy little angel, and is affectionate, extroverts, devoted little guy. They are intelligent and is easy to train. They can be a wonderful companion of gentle older children and also for the elderly.

These breed have been known to be a bit noisy and like to bark recreationally, so they need to train to control barking.

They will makes you an excellent, loving and is a wonderful companion dog and will always entertain you every day to make you happy always.

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