Pet Dog Insurance

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?...

If in your minds telling you that "i don't need a pet dog insurance!". You are making a very costly and big mistake!

You should think for this for a minute! Then why you need to buy insurance for yourself? your family member? Then how about your beloved dog? You dog is your real part of your family.

Dogs are a very big responsibility to us when we take it home. Other than the love, care and time we invest, the cost of having a dog can be significant. Especially when comes to the medical cost.

Ask yourself a question? Could you afford a $2000 for emergency treatment? How about $3000 vet bull if your Fido need a surgery immediately?

Eventhough you COULD afford this amount. Then will you want to pay that much in a short period of time? The answer sure is "No".

I understand all of these when it comes in the past. My dog's had a urinary tract infection and these cost me about $200 at the vet clinic. And also to a nasty gastrointestinal bug, this easily cost me about $700 in exams. These all haven't include the meds and tests been done after. It's been a struggle and big burden to me.

" What if I couldn't have found the money ?"

" Is that only the life-or-death choice ?"

We don't even know when our dog will get sick and we need to find the money to cover the dog treatment costs. We never knows what future will happen and of course, we cannot predict it also.  Pet dog insurance really important for our dog life.

Choosing the Right Pet Dog Insurance...

So before decide whether to take pet dog insurance, you should think that is it worth for you to take these pet dog insurance. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself before you buy a pet dog insurance:

1. What the breeds of dog is my pet and will the plan cover differently and additional surcharge on my dog?
  •  different breeds, different caveats and surcharge are different.

2. How old is my dog?
  •  The insurance premium is based on their breed, and their ages. Do check on the age limit, because they may not be qualify if older than certain age.

3. What is the monthly premium? Can I afford it?
  •  Understand the plan before you take the pet insurance.

4. Does my dog already have any illness? Is these illness will be cover on my pet insurance?
  • If your dog already have the illness before cover in insurance, it probably won't be covered.

5. What's excluded from the coverage?
  • There are some exclusions to be covered on insurance, double check for the exclusions.

Selecting the Right Coverage...

24 Petwatch Pet insurances provides the very best, highly affordable and flexible pet insurance programs. Their insurance programs are fairly inexpensive, at only about $30 to $50 per pet. This company is from North America.

Why 24 Pet Insurance are so popular is because it gives the dog health care they need with paying only very affordable premium every month, so that the owners can always be with them as long as possible.

One of the first things I consider before i take the pet insurance is whether the company is financially strong or not? I would look for the financially strong company because there are no guarantee in life. Conclusion is i found this 24 Pet Watch compan have met the criteria very greatly and also is a strong company.

Pet Health Insurance For Cats & Dogs

 24 Petwatch Pet insurances Benefits are:

    * Unlimited lifetime accident coverage
    * Coverage for hereditary conditions available
    * Premiums DO NOT increase due to pet aging
    * Unrivalled Service Standards

Here are all the Dog Plans:

QuickCare for Dogs

This are the least expensive insurance. This plan start with $10.95. There is a $50 deductible. This policy cover accidents only. This is a good accident plan with 100% coverage.

QuickCare Complete

This plan is the most comprehensive dog plan offer. There is $100 deductible. This complete plan start at $54.90 per month. This plan is lifetime covered up to $36,000 on 12 different illnesses. Of course this plan do include accidents which are up to $3000 per case. 

QuickCare Optimum

This plan are selected accidents cover and the first time illness coverage. There is $100 deductible. This plan start at $32.45. This offer for dogs ages old at 8 weeks to 6 years old.

QuickCare Gold

This plan has the highest level of protection. this has the double illness coverage plan, you may can choose between 70% to 90% coverage. There is $100 deductible. This plan starts with $28.95.

The most recommended plan is Quick Care Complete, because this plan is the most comprehensive plan, is a complete plan which are covered all the illnesses and all accidents plan. Where there is $100 deductible.

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Pet Health Insurance for Cats & Dogs

Embrace Pet Insurance,  you should take a closer look! They will provide you with a good insight informatin of insurance, what kind of benefits, what exactly is the coverage provided for you to get the right kind of dog insurance.

Embrace Pet Insurance specially give you a customizable plans for you to choose to gives your dog the coverage they needs. You have the freedom to choose the veterinarian you want, this are including specialists too.You are the one whose tailor the policy to fit your needs.

There is $100, $200, $500, or $1,000 deductible. You can choose the maximum reimbursement amount of $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 annually.

What are the kind of coverage plan provided?
  * Accident Plan
  * Wellness Rewards
  * Catastrophic Pet Insurance
  * Drug & Dental Plan
  * Chronic Conditions
  * TherapiesER & Specialist Care
  * Genetic & Breed-specific Conditions
  * Cancer TreatmentAlternative
  * Full Coverage Plan

Can I get Discounts?

Of Course, you can! Your pet can qualify for more than one discount and these can be stacked.
  * Military Discount
  * Spay/Neuter Discount
  * Multi-pet Discount
  * PennHIP Discount
  * Microchip Discount
  * Annual Pay Discount

Can I insure my dog?

Yes, you can! Only dogs and cats can be insured with the pass 12 months veterinary visit will be approved. If your dog have pre-existing medical conditions just like cancer, diabetes, and any kinds of incurable illness are cannot be covered, thought there are also have some exceptions on this.

Here are the age requirements for the pet dog insurance by Embrace:

  * Purebreed dogs – aged 6 or younger
  * Mixed breed dogs– aged 8 or younger
Your dog are your best part of your family member and is your best friend too. For a heathier and longer life, dog insurance can provide the treatment requirement they deserve when they are need it. Lifetime protection is what you can expect from the Embrace.

Embrace does not like other pet insurance companies, there will not increase your premium amount except there have been claims on the policy. This all kind of dog insurance are to provide you with more peace of mind.

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