Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is an extremely loyal and loving family pet
and will do well with gentle children.


jack russell terrier

BREED GROUP:  Terrier Dogs
OCCUPATION:  Hunter, performance sport
HEIGHT:  25-38 cm
WEIGHT:  6-8 kg
COLOR(S):  white with tan, black, brown markings
LONGEVITY:  14 to 16 years
EXERCISE:  Daily exercise
TRAINING:  Moderate

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The Jack Russell Terrier is a working dogs terrier developed by Reverend John Russell of Devonshire, England, in the mid to late 1800s. They bred to used as a small, sturdy game hunting dog, hunt for red fox,  tracking, agility, and performing tricks and digging and burrowing into foxholes and dens.

It is now known as the Parson Russell Terrier in AKC, but remains the Jack Russell Terrier with the UKC.


The Jack Russell coat comes with three varieties, which is smooth, rough, and broken. The coat colors normally comes with white with tan, black, tri-color markings or brown markings. He has a proportion and well balanced body length. The tail is docked. They shed constantly.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a devoted, loving, cheerful, and are full of energy character. They love and enjoy to playing with their toys. They are gentle, friendly and kind to the children.

They are both a working dog and a companion dog breeds.


Socialization training and obedience training are important for the Jack Russell. They are feisty and think for themselves, so that the training can be difficult, determined, and willful.  

They requires a firmness, fairness, consistency training with a patience trainer. You need to make the training challenging and fun enough to keep them interested.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming the Jack Russell Terrier is not difficult. The short coat of the Jack Russell Terrier only requires an occasional brushing. The smooth coat dogs can be brushed with a soft bristle brush or curry bomb twice weekly.

Bathing should only be done when is necessary.


One words can only describe Jack Russell is "feisty", he is always full of energy and some peoples found their energy level is overwhelming. Although this breed can be good with all ages of people, but they sometimes can be too pushy for small children or the elderly.

They are highly intelligent and will amuse you for hours on end. These breeds of dogs have an inquisitive nature.

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