The Dalmatian is a intelligent, alert, protective dog and effective watchdog.
They are friendly, and courageous,
is a great family companion dog.



BREED GROUP:  Non-Sporting Dogs
OCCUPATION: Carriage Horse, Companion
HEIGHT:  50-60cm
WEIGHT: 25kg
COLOR(S): black or liver spots on white background, spots should be round, and separated. born white and develop spots
LONGEVITY:  11 to  14 years
EXERCISE: Vigorous daily run, needs to run
TRAINING: hard to motivate, challenged


The Dalmatian is an ancient breed, they originate comes from the Eastern European region of Dalmatian. These kind of spotted dogs are similiar to the spotted dogs that found in Egytian, they were found in Egytian bas-reliefs and Hellenic friezes and a fresco painted around 1360 in Italy shows a spotted dog. They were bred as a vermin hunter, bird dog, guardian, and as a best guard dogs.

These breed was registered with the AKC in 1888.


The Dalmatian is a medium sized to large dog, they has a strong, muscular, short and dense coat. Their expression is alert and intelligent. The recognizable coat is pure white with the spots that are either black or liver-colored spots.

Puppy are born with completely pure white and the spots will slowly develop later.


The Dalmatian is a alert, intelligent, extremely active and energetic dog. They are friendly, courageous, outgoing, and is a great loyalcompanions, that will never getting tired or bored of the kid's games and adventures. They is a great family pet.

They are also known as the clowns in the dog world due to they are bold and unique.


The early training and socialization is important to aid a more stable temperament. They is alert, intelligent and enthusiastic, but sometimes they are independent and stubborn, that make the training may be difficult to handle and manage.

The training should have something that catches the dog's interest to keep their motivated and attention. The training should done with consistency, firmness and fairness, and most importantly is train with the patience.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


Grooming these breed is easy, they are requires to brushing the coat with a soft bristle or curry bomb frequently will reduce the hair in the house. Bathe when is necessary with using a mild shampoo.

This breed is a constant shedder and profusely twice a year, so take extra attention on the heavy shedding period.


is a very quiet and gentle companion dog. They do not like to play and barking around. They are polite with the stranger, and have a very high protection awareness, sensitive and reliable.

They are very loyal to their master.

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