Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is intelligent, creative, friendly
and not as feisty as other terrier breeds.
 They are high-energy ,
a athletic dogs who need daily exercise.


border terrier

BREED GROUP:    Terrier Dogs
OCCUPATION:  Vermin Hunter
HEIGHT:  33-41 cm
WEIGHT:  6-7 kg
COLOR(S):  Red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan
LONGEVITY:  15 years
EXERCISE:  Daily exercise
GROOMING:  Hand-stripping
TRAINING:  Easy, loves sports


The Border Terrier originated from the Cheviot Hills near the border of Scotland and England. They was developed as an all-purpose hunting terrier, a farm worker. They were used to hunt badger, marten and otter, watchdog, agility, and performing tricks.

These breed is one of the oldest breeds of terriers in Great Britain. His ancestors are all working terriers too. Today the Border Terrier is mostly a companion dog.

These dog breeds was registered with the AKC in 1930.


The Border Terrier is a small, medium bone sturdy dog. Their body is sturdy and narrow. These breeds of dogs sheds no hair at all. You'll virtually never find a hair in your home!

They has a double coat with a weather resistant coat. The undercoat is short and dense and the outer coat is straight and wiry.

The coat colors comes with grizzle and tan, red, wheaten and blue and tan.


The Border Terrier requires a early socialization training to help channel some of the breed's tendency to be busy and also the early obedience.

They are intelligent, bright, eager and willing to please. They are also a independent thinkers,and have a mind of their own, this may make the training difficult.

So that the training must done with motivation, reward, praise patience and most importantly is consistency, and this will make the training well done.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


The Border Terrier durable and wiry coat must be brushed two to three times weekly with firm bristle brush. Professionally groomed twice a year. The coat requires hand-stripping, which can be tough to learn.  Bathe when is necessary with using a mild shampoo.

These dog breeds sheds no hair at all and it is good for the allergy sufferers. They are non-shedding dog breeds.


They are high-energy, active, agile, athletic dogs who need daily exercise. They are a great companion for someone is active owner who likes canine games and sports, whose enjoys playing with dog. This breed is good with children and also get along with other dogs.

They are like to dig, they like to dig anywhere that he like. They also like to chew. Their chewing phase can last for years. They hate being left alone and likes to stick with you always.

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