The Basenji is known as the "Barkless Dog".
They is a proud, faithful, alert, playful, and is a smartest dog breeds.


   Hound Dogs
HEIGHT:  41-43 cm
WEIGHT:  10-12 kg
COLOR(S):  Red, black, black and tan brindle, white feet, chest and tail tip
LONGEVITY:  10-12 years
EXERCISE:  Needs to run
TRAINING:  Challenge


The Basenji was originally developed in Africa. They were found in Egyptian tombs and wall drawings about 5,000 years ago. They were bred for hunting, and hunting by sight only. It was first introduced to England in 1937, and developed by the English breeders.  They are best known as the "barkless dog".

These breeds of dogs was registered w theith AKC in 1944.


The Basenji has a short, fine, smooth and muscular coat. They is very much an athlete, lightly built but muscular. The head is wrinkled forehead. The eyes is almond shaped and dark eyes. The ears are small, straight and open. The tail is set high and curled.

The coat colors comes with red, white, black, brindle or tri-colored.


The Basenji is very bright and intelligent, they will respond well to training. Although they is intelligent, it is not necessary complaint, so training can be challenge. The early socialization training is important, this can help them be more comfortable with the people outside their families. They can be reserved with strangers, and socialize well.

The training can be done well with firmness, fairness and consistency, and most importantly is with patience.

Here are the dog training tips for your reference.


The smooth and short coat is very easy to care for. They just like cat being, they very like clean and will washes themself on occasion. They has no dogge smell at all, so is suitable for the people with allergies to dog.

Their short coat should be brushed twice weekly with a soft bristle brush. Bathe and dry shampoo when is neccessary.


This dog breeds can be very difficult for a first-time dog-owner, it is not recommended for an inexperienced owner. The Basenji is loves to play and like to stay busy.

They can be very patience and good with the childrens. They like to chew, so giving them lots of toys would be a good idea. They can't stand being dirty, they loves clean just like cat.

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