How to Choosing a Dog?

Choosing the Right Dog Breed...

So before you choosing a dog? you should really survey on the breeds that you bringing home is that suitable to you and your family. You must doing on the right research to find out which types of dogs will suit your personality and lifestyle is essential. Adding a dog to you and your family may will make some changes to your lifestyle.

"You should really highly consider and think all the points below, ask yourself all this question before you really get a new dog home!"

What type of Home do you have?

When you add a new dog home, your living space is also will become your dog living's space. The size of your house is an important factor to consider choosing the right dog breed, size of each dog should be a factor when deciding on which breeds would be best for you to choosing a dog.

sleeping dogNaturally, if you live in a small house or apartment, a small dog would be better, where as a larger dog would be better suited with a large yard. If you living in an apartment without a yard, you may need to walk your dog several times each day so that they can relieve themself, dogs need to go outside, rain, sleet or shine!

In most cases, This will determine the size of dog

Do you Have Time for you dog?

If you never owned a dog before, you may never know that how much time a dog required! How you choose a dog? Can you sacrifice spending time at home and are willing to play with your dog? Dogs all are companion animals, this meaning that they are very happy that spending their time with their master! If you always ignore them, day aftercute maltese day, your dog will develop bad behaviors!

The time that you use to spent in grooming your dog is also very important,  you should think how much times for you to groom the kind of dog that you have choose!

You also will need to schedule tile to exercise and play with your dog and to groom them.

If you fail to provide the dog with the minimum he requires to remain healthy, obedient and sane, then just expect problems.

Think also Your Family Member!

Are you living alone? If you are living alone then you will not have this kind of problem! Because no one will argue with you about your choice to bring a new pet home!

children with a dogIf you are living with your family, then you should think of  your family member attitude, "Is this dog  will suitable to them ?" before you choosing a dog to make a happy family at home.

Do you have children? you have a children you will really need to take concern to choose the right breed, as not all the dogs ar patient and tolerent enough for kids. If your house have small children then you should pick a breed that is great with children.  Do not choose Large Dog  that may will harm your kids

Also becareful while choosing a dog breed , be aware that little children may also will accidentally injure breed of toy dog.

Can you Afford a Dog ?

You decide to get a dog, consider the cost. Choosing a dog can be expensive.  To breed a It's not polite to discuss finances here, but this is you need to think about before you choosing a dog, just like a child would, you need to feed them, when they sick you need to bring them to see doctor! you need to groom them to keep them clean! Dog will cost you in you money on a regular basis. 

Basic cost of owning a dog (Yearly Expense):
Dog Food: $250 - $500*
Grooming: $30 - 500*
Obedience training: $75 - $300*
Preventive Medications and Supplements: $100 - 300*
Boarding: $100 - $500*
Routine Veterinary Care $100 - 300*
Vaccinations/Deworming: $50 - $150*
Yearly Total: $700-3000
Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog: $60-250

cute dogThis list only covers the basics, your expenses will be increase, if you need to build a new fence and shore up an existing one. So before you get a new dog, make sure your budget can handle it!

"Think all of the points above before you really start choosing a dog and searching about the personalities of the all kinds of dog."

Whatever dog you are choosing, any well cared for and loved dog will welcome their owner home like a long lost friend. They may even encourage closer family activity with daily walks away from the TV.

"Taking on a  suitable breeds back home is a huge commitment
& not a decision to be taken lightly."

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