Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd
are good-natured excellent watchdog, eager to please,
affectionate and remarkably loyal.
But they will always need to be at the top of your priority list.

australian shepherd

OCCUPATION: Herder,versatile farm dog, performance sports
HEIGHT: Male: 20-23; Female: 18-21 inches
WEIGHT:  Male: 50-65; Female: 40-55 lbs
COLOR(S): black, blue merle, red merle,
with or without white mark
LONGEVITY: 14 to 16 years
EXERCISE: Vigorous daily exercise
TRAINING: Easy; hard to keep challenge


The Australian Shepherd, they are typically referred as "Aussie", is not origintaed from Australia but is a native of the American West, and refined in the U.S to work as a herding dog on ranches.

The true origin of the name is unknown, but some of the breed experts assume thate people thought the dogs is came with the flocks of sheep, this make these breed became very popular with western ranchers and farmers.

They have lot of talents which include, herding, watchdog, retrieving, guarding, search and rescue, agility and police work.


The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dogs with a striking and varied coat. The coat is moderate length with an undercoat, straight to slightly wavy, and weather resistant. Their expression is very intelligent, bright and alert.  Their eyes come in a variety of colors which include amber, hazel,  blue, and all shades of brown.

The coat colors comes with red, black, blue, red merle, merle, solid red with or without white marks. There are variety of white and tan markings appear on the face, chest, front, and legs.


Training the Australian Shepherds are easy. The socialization and very basic obedience should be benefit from the earlier of time, as they are naturally reserved with the strangers. Socialize well will can prevent them from becoming suspicious of the strangers.  Continuing training after the puppy class to keep refresh their mind for teaching them the basic household rules and g

The training should train with firmness, fairness, consistency, and effective direction.ood social behaviour.


Grooming these coat is easy, they requires minimal grooming and needs little attention. The coat requires brushing with a firm bristle brush at least twice weekly. Extra more during the spring and fall when is the seasonal shedding. Bathe only when is necessary.

Keep clean the coat behind the ears or in the pantaloons (the hair on the back of the rear legs) as the tangles will always be there. These coat requires no trimming.


Australian Shepherds are intelligent, highly energetic, delightful, and loyal.They are very affectionate to their families  members. They are also a excellent watchdog with a strong guarding instincts, and want to be near and protect their family at all times. They are very protective of their family and home. They are good with children,but are very cautious around strangers.

Human companionship is crucial to this breed, they will always want to stick together with you always. Typically, these dog breeds is not aggressive to other dogs.

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