The Akita originated from Japanand they is considered a national dog of Japan and is one of seven breeds designated as a Natural Monument.


BREED GROUP: Breed Working
Hunter, Guardian
24-29; Female: 22-27 inches
84-131; Female: 64-111 lbs
all color
9 to 11 years
puppy ; calm adults
Lots of brushing
Difficult; can be stubborn

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Akita originates comes from Japan, this dog is more than 300 years of history, have been developed at the mid of 1600's. it is not known when the akita dog was domesticated, together with the other japanese breeds.

These dog breed now known as a national treasure and a national monument in Japan, they has assumed the honor in the hearts of Japanese people. When the baby is born, the parent often given a statue of Akita as a symbol of hapiness, health, and longevity.

This dog breeds was registered with the AKC in 1972.


The Akita is a waterproof breed. They have a double coat, their outer coat is  straight and harsh, undercoat is soft and dense. The outer coat is straight and stands out from the body.

They have various coat colors, comes with red, fawn, white, silver, and brindle . Colors are brilliant, clear and rich. Well balanced marking, blaze, with or without mask. Pure white dog have no mask at all.


These kind of dog breeds is not an over active breed, is an intelligent and calm dog. A couple of long walks each day and plus a quick jogging will satisfy the needs of most. His headstrong personality and stubborn makes this dog is best suited for those with some level of experience in dog ownership.

Taining is important, they requires intensive obedience and socialization training.  Training should be firm, yet fair and fun.


During most of the year, they can be brushed twice weekly to keep their coat in good looking. You may use a pin brush or groom rake.
Bathe when is necessary with using a mild shampoo.

These dog is shed heavily seasonally, so that the grooming may need more extra work and daily brushing is needed.


Akita is loyal to their owner, and devoted to fault, they can be stubborn and dominant. They is a powerful and protective pet that makes for a great watchdog, have been used in various capacities such as Imperial guards, hunter of bear and boar, and waterfowl retrieving.

They are not always good with visiting children or rough kid's  play. But can be protective when other children are around and can also be aloof and stand offish with strangers.

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