Australian Cattle Dog 

The Australian Cattle Dog is a courageous, bright, compact working dog.
 They are extremely loyal and obedient to their master.

australian cattle dog

HEIGHT:  43-51cm
WEIGHT:  15-16kg
COLOR(S):  Blue or blue-mottled with or without other markings,
blue-mottled, red speckled. 
LONGEVITY:  12 to 14 years
EXERCISE:  Daily exercise
TRAINING:  Hard to keep challenge


The Australian Cattle Dog was originating developed in Australia during the 19th century. The breed from crossing Dingo-blue with a Dalmatian, Black and Tan Kelpie, and Highland Collie. They were bred to used as herding, guarding, endurance, retrieving, agility and performing tricks. Both its herding and guarding instincts are very strong. The breed has been known as Australian Heeler, blue heeler and Queensland heeler.

These dog breeds was registered with the AKC in 1980.


The Australian Cattle Dog is a well muscled, compact, powerful, and very determined while working.

They has a weather resistant, smooth double coat. The undercoat are dense and short. The outer coat is close, flat and straight.

The coat colors comes with red speckle, blue, blue speckle, and blue mottle or blue speckled with or without other markings. Puppies are born with white colors. However, will get their color within a few weeks.


The Early socialization and obedience training is important for this breed. This breed is bright and extremely loyal and obedient to its master. So that the Australian Cattle Dogs are very easy to train.

The training can teach them the basic household rules, good habit and teach your dog do not fighting with other dogs cause of their nature ability.

The training should train with firmness, fairness, praise, reward, consistency and patience.


The short and weather resistant coat requires minimal grooming and  it is very easy to groom. They needs brushing with a firm bristle brush weekly to keep the dog in nice shape. Bathes when is necessary.

Extra attention should be given when during the shedding season when daily brushing is needed.

They will shed their coat once or twice per year. This breed is a seasonal shedder.


The Australian Cattle Dog is a extremely intelligent, loyal, and affectionate breed. They are immensely strong, compact, alert, energetic and agile. They is protective to their family members and home. They will like to please you always, but sometimes they will also think for themselves only. They love children but will try to herd them, it is a delicate situation. They typically can be suspicious of strangers.

They are a very affectionate dog breeds, they will likely to follow you everywhere you go and want to be a part of everything you do.

This is a difficult breed for the first time dog owner.

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