Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is loving, gentle, alert, brave and hardy dogs,
it may be stubborn too.
The scotties love to chew, beware of he will chew everything of your house.


Scottish terrier

BREED GROUP:   Terrier Dogs
OCCUPATION:  Vermin hunter, companion
HEIGHT:  25-28 cm
WEIGHT: 8- 11kg
COLOR(S):  black, blue, gray, silver, fawn/cream,
with black ears, muzzle and tail tip
LONGEVITY:  12 to 14 years
EXERCISE:  Moderate
GROOMING:  Difficult
TRAINING: Moderate


The Scottish Terrier originated developed in the Scotland in the 1700s. It is considered as the most ancient breed. The first name of these dog breeds was called as the "Abeerdeen Terrier".  The name of "Aberdeen" is the town of the Scotland. Scotties was bred to hunt and kill vermin on farms, such as otter, badger and rabbit.

These breeds of dogs was registered in the AKC in 1885.


The Scottish Terrier has a soft and dense undercoat, and hard and wiry outer coat. The coat has the longer hair on the legs, beard, and the lower part of the body.

The coat colors most often comes with black colors coat, it may also be gray, wheaten, brindle, and sandy. These dog breeds never have the white colors coat.


The Scottish Terrier is the harder breed to train among all any other dogs. Scotties are independent thinker and can be stubborn sometimes. He learns all the new tricks and commands more slowly than all other breeds. But they may do very well in obedience training when have a proper training.

The training should train with firmness, fairness and consistency. The most importantly is train with patience, as these breed is hard to train,  it may takes somes of your times to train them, you will need to put extra patient to training them.


Scotties requires to brushing with soft bristle brush or curry bomb twice weekly, to keep their distinctive look. Bathes or dry shampoo when is necessary. These dog should be proffessional trim twice a years.

The scotties sheds no hair at all, you will never find a hair in your home.


The Scottish Terrier is charming, gentle, loving and full of character dog. They is very playful dog and loves to play with you always. However they is a alert, brave, good watch dog, they will announce you when the strangers is approaching, and will not bark for no reason.

They cannot swim at all, you may need to takes attention when the scotties near the water and take extra care of it.

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