Basic Dog Training

Basic dog training made easy. Now, you have your Little Best Friend lounging on your lap and you feel that things between you are going to be great. Who wouldn’t feel great after holding the puppy you’ve fallen in love with the minute your eyes met? But this is just the beginning of the story.

For you to be able to enjoy each other’s company, your new best friend must be trained withthe basic dog training in order to grow up as a good dog. How you begin your relationship with each other is a crucial point. Puppies can be very cute, playful and interesting at first, but when they become hard to control and messy, it’s likely to make you think twice.

Teaching your dog house rules is an essential part of basic dog training.

dog trainingSince your dog is most likely going to spend most of its time in or around your house, it is important for your dog to be house-trained. You wouldn’t want to end up cleaning after its poop and other messy stuff around your house, would you? Training your dog to be obedient can save you from worries and stress when it has grown 50 pounds more or so.

Dogs are intelligent animals, but they need to be properly trained while they are still young so you wouldn’t have problems when they grow up. And last but not the least; teach your dog to be social. Bringing your dog along with you wherever you go can spell fun for the both of you.

However, when your dog is scared of the world or violent when placed in the middle of a crowd, it can spell disaster. Making them familiar with the outside world is an essential part of the training as well. How do you do all these? Read along and score a few tips on the basic dog training your dog.

The properly house-trained dog

Having a properly house-trained dog is the first challenge. This is very important for you and your dog to have a harmonious relationship in your home sweet home. They key to achieving successful house basic dog training is by being consistent, firm, and patient.

Be consistent with the things that you are teaching your dog.

Designate a spot where your dog can poop or relieve itself and be sure to be consistent in reminding your dog every day or else your dog will be confused and end up messing up in every corner of your house. Make sure that this spot is quite far from where your dog should be fed.

Be firm with the intention of prompting your dog where it should do its basic needs. And last, take with you loads of patience. Though dogs are intelligent animals, they also need time to be familiar and remember everything you have taught them.

The obedient dog

basic dog trainingWho doesn’t want a dog who behaves appropriately? With the right amount of consistency, patience and positive reinforcement, you can raise your dog into a good mannered one. Start with the basics such as teaching your dog its name.

Use your dog’s name as often as you can especially during feeding and playing. This will help your dog be familiar with the name it is given. When your dog responds to the name you use, you can start moving on to the next basic commands such as sit, stay and so on.

Using positive reinforcements such as giving your dog a treat every time a command is followed will help you achieve positive results faster.

The sociable dog

After house and obedience basic dog training, it’s now time to bring Little Best Friend out in this wide world. There are a lot of opportunities for you to bring your dog along, but always remember that you have to be careful in choosing these places to avoid your dog from having contact with dogs which are unvaccinated or may be suffering from diseases.

Bringing your dog outside will be a perfect opportunity for it to be exposed to different people, places and things. Again, patience is the key. Some dogs can become very excited when placed in a new environment and may be too eager to explore the place thus becoming quite restless, while other dogs may seem shy or even scared.

Either way, you should not scold your dog!

Instead, make each experience a pleasant one for the both of you. Remember, you are trying to raise a friendly dog.

dog training tipsNow that you have learned a few basic tricks in raising your dog, it’s now time to apply what you have learned to your new pet. It may not be easy at first, but do not get disappointed easily.

Your hard work and patience will be rewarded as soon as you see your dog grow up to be friendly, obedient and lovable with the basic dog training.

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